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This premium citrus carpet pre-spray is a powerful, degreasing preconditioner made from natural citrus solvents for use on all fibers including stain resistant and wool. It is environmentally safe with no butyl cellosolve. Boosted with citrus solvents for extra effective breakdown of grease, soil and grime in commercial and residential carpets. Cleaning action emulsifies water and oil-based soils in carpet, allowing for quick dry extraction.

Anti Allergy Natural Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Mattress Sofa Cleaning Product Crikey Cleaner Tweed Coast



This is a two-step application:

Step 1 – Anti Allergy Pre-Spray

Designed for allergy suffers and those sensitive to harsh chemicals, this product does not contain solvents, perfumes, phosphates, or any other hazardous materials. It is environmentally safe and is nontoxic to humans, animals and plants.

Step 2 – Allergy Relief Treatment

The second application is an effective and safe way to control dust mite allergens. The aqueous solution contains a powerful active ingredient derived from naturally occurring extracts found in certain fruit seeds and plants. It works by instantly de-activating the allergen in dust mite droppings by denaturing and substantially reducing the antibody-binding capacity of this allergen. As a result, they are no longer recognised by the body’s immune system and they do not bond with the antibodies sent to destroy them. This bonding process is the cause of the body’s allergic response (the allergy attack).



Provides protection for carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Truly the finest water-based protectants available for outstanding resistance to soiling, water-based and oil-based stains. Forms an invisible shield on all water safe fibers and stands up against heavy use and frequent vacuuming. Works on both stain resistant and non-stain resistant carpets.

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Anti Allergen Natural Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Tweed Coast
$50 OFF Pest Control with every carpet clean. | Crikey Cleaner Pro Steam Dry Advert


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