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Emergency Flood Drying Equipment Tweed Coast Water Damage Experts | Casuarina Tweed Coast

We can extract the excess water and use drying equipment to dry out the rest.

Crikey cleaner services – your local team for a fast response carpet drying out service for the Tweed Coast Providing water extraction and equipment hire.

If you have had water damage at your property we are happy to assist you with the process of drying. The first point of action is locating where the flood is coming from and turning off the tap however if it has a burst pipe, turn off the outside water main to your property.

No jobs are too small or too big. If water damage occurs we have dehumidifiers and air moves on board the vehicle to assist the drying process.

We specialise in removing large amounts of water from with in your property. Our truck mounted machine can remove large amounts of water from the property within minutes, making the drying process so much faster.

Removes Stains, Germs and Bacteria | Steam Clean | Carpet Cleaning Tweed Coast | Crikey Cleaner Services

Remove Stains, Germs & Bacteria

Our superior steam cleaning services offer the most hygienic cleaning possible. We eliminate stains, dirt, bacteria, mould and smelly odours to carpet floors.

High Power Heat and Suction Steam Cleaning Tweed Coast | Maximum Power & Heat | Crikey Cleaner Services

High Power Heat & Suction

The number one key component of cutting through soiling, dirt, stains, bacteria, germs and viruses is heat. The more power of heat the machine produces, the easier it is to break down, uplift and extract the soiling component.

Guaranteed Customer Service Steam Cleaning Tweed Coast | Crikey Cleaner Services


With the latest technology and knowledge we get the job done right the first time. Our 5 Star cleaning services are assessed on a before and after grading system for quality control.

Eco-Friendly solutions Tweed Coast | Maximum Power & Heat | Crikey Cleaner Services

Eco-friendly Solutions

We are located on the Tweed Coast and provide the most hygienic clean possible. All our solutions are safe and eco-friendly and will have your home looking beautiful and healthy.


High Power Suction

soiled carpet, rugs, mattresses and upholstery.

Why choose us?

  • Live and operating in the local area since 2007
  • Fully trained technician with up-to-date training ITI interactive training international
  • On time service pre-inspection before and after grading system for quality control
  • Offer competitive pricing to our other competitors
  • We run the most powerful truck mounted steam cleaner on the planet today high end sanitation
  • Carrying on board the latest products and shampoos for dirt soiling stains green solutions and allergy treatments shampoos
  • We can provide our clients with the ultimate protection and fabric protection from carpet rugs upholstery straight after our initial clean
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$50 OFF Pest Control with every carpet clean. | Crikey Cleaner Pro Steam Dry Advert
Anti Allergen Natural Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Tweed Coast
$50 OFF Pest Control with every carpet clean. | Crikey Cleaner Pro Steam Dry Advert


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