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Specialising in Carpet Steam Cleaning

Locally owned since 2007. Owner operated with up-to-date training and over 10 years professional experience.

We have invested a great deal of money into quality equipment for our powerful truck mount steam cleaning machine, generating incredible temperatures above and beyond 80°

Reaching high temperature makes it easy to remove soiling with no chemicals but of course using chemical solutions such as enzymes, antimicrobials, shampoos and biodegradable green solutions will help break down more bacteria, germs and soiling stains for the ultimate clean and restoration of your carpet fibres. It’s amazing hi-flow continuous flushing system will remove all solutions and chemicals within your carpet fibre leaving it feeling soft and looking amazing.

Our vehicles are fitted out with the most up-to-date and Advance stain removal chemicals and solutions to remove stains and odours from red wine, cordial, alcoholic beverages, make-up, oils, paint, blood, urine, rust, lipstick, coffee, tea and so many more.

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Servicing Tweed Coast area

Some stains can set faster than others depending on the carpet fibres there for getting a professional out as soon as possible is important to achieve the best outcome. Some home brand stain removals can do more harm then good.

Carpets getting steam cleaned can be dry within 6 to 8 hours depending on the situation. It is always a good idea to switch on fans and your air conditioning unit to a dry setting at 24° to speed up the drying of your carpets.

The difference between steam and dry cleaning carpets – both systems can be effective while carpet steam cleaning may take longer to dry it’s continuous flushing system will leave carpets much cleaner and healthier. Dry cleaning scrubs your carpets with minimal moisture, breaking down soils with some being removed from the drying pad and the rest for you to vacuum away after the cleaning process has been done.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Tweed Coast | Casuarina, Kingscliff, Cabarita Beach, Pottsville, Banora Point

50K System Investment


We run both systems however our carpet steam cleaning machine has had $50,000 invested into the system where as our Carpet dry cleaning machine has $5000 invested. Both machines are of the highest quality so rest assured you are in great hands.

  • Arrange direct access for carpet technician to undertake work
  • Turn on fans and air conditioning units to dry setting at 24° for faster drying carpets
  • Have the floors ready for the technician to steam clean carpets as we do not move furniture
  • Payment on completion using either bank transfer or cash, we provide a tax invoice with the very carpet clean
Removes Stains, Germs and Bacteria | Steam Clean | Carpet Cleaning Tweed Coast | Crikey Cleaner Services

Remove Stains, Germs & Bacteria

Our superior steam cleaning services offer the most hygienic cleaning possible. We eliminate stains, dirt, bacteria, mould and smelly odours to carpet, upholstery, rugs, mattresses and tiles.

High Power Heat and Suction Steam Cleaning Tweed Coast | Maximum Power & Heat | Crikey Cleaner Services

High Power Heat & Suction

The number one key component of cutting through soiling, dirt, stains, bacteria, germs and viruses is heat. The more power of heat the machine produces, the easier it is to break down, uplift and extract the soiling component.

Deep Clean Carpets and Rugs Tweed Coast | Maximum Power & Heat | Crikey Cleaner Services

Deep Clean Carpets & rugs

With the latest technology and knowledge we get the job done right the first time. Our 5 Star cleaning services are assessed on a before and after grading system for quality control.

Eco-Friendly solutions Tweed Coast | Maximum Power & Heat | Crikey Cleaner Services

Eco-friendly Solutions

We are located on the Tweed Coast and provide the most hygienic clean possible. All our solutions are safe and eco-friendly and will have your home looking beautiful and healthy.


High Power Suction

soiled carpet, rugs, mattresses and upholstery.

Why choose us?

  • Live and operating in the local area since 2007
  • Fully trained technician with up-to-date training ITI interactive training international
  • On time service pre-inspection before and after grading system for quality control
  • Offer competitive pricing to our other competitors
  • We run the most powerful truck mounted steam cleaner on the planet today high end sanitation
  • Carrying on board the latest products and shampoos for dirt soiling stains green solutions and allergy treatments shampoos
  • We can provide our clients with the ultimate protection and fabric protection from carpet rugs upholstery straight after our initial clean
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ANTI ALLERGEN NATURAL SHAMPOO carpet cleaning tweed coast crikey cleaner
50 dollars off pest control vouchure discount price tweed coast carpet cleaning crikey cleaner


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