Your local Emergency Cleaning Tweed Coast Professionals.

Your local Tweed Coast team for emergency cleaning around the Tweed Coast. Specialising in stain removal carpet cleaning to water extraction flood drying.

Emergcney Cleaning Tweed Coast | Emergency Carpet Stain Removal Cleaning Service Casuarina NSW

Emergency Carpet Stain Removal Cleaning

We operate a very fast and effective high-performance truck mount machine that can make work easy.

We offer assistance to all clients with unwanted overnight emergencies whether it is a stain or an overflowed bath/sink water flood emergency.

Emergency carpet stain removal cleaning – our vehicles are fitted out with up-to-date chemicals and solutions to remove every day stains.

Some stains can be easily removed, other stains can be harder or impossible to remove, depending on the carpet fiber and how long the stain has been left in the carpet fiber. It is easier to remove a stain before it has dried completely. We are happy to advise on the best possible outcome for your needs.

Please call your local professional Tweed Coast carpet stain removal technician today.

Water Extraction, Wet Fast Drying Floors | Crikey Cleaner

Emergency Flood Drying Tweed Coast

When disaster strikes and flooding wreaks havoc on homes or businesses along the Tweed Coast, there’s only one name to trust: Crikey Cleaner Tweed Coast Emergency Flood Drying Service. Equipped with a formidable truck-mounted machine boasting unparalleled suction power, we swiftly and efficiently extract water, minimizing damage and restoring normalcy in record time. Our dedication to prompt and thorough service ensures that homes and businesses can swiftly recover from the aftermath of flooding, allowing residents and proprietors to reclaim their spaces with confidence. Trust Crikey Cleaner for rapid, reliable flood drying solutions along the Tweed Coast.

Carpet Cleaning Tweed Coast Home Lounge Room

Emergency Water Extraction

Emergency water extraction and flood drying cleaning service based on the Tweed Coast. We are happy to service any small or large flood problem locally within the hour or two.

LocaL Trained Technicians

We always carry onboard air movers and dehumidifiers for small jobs. We can easily go back to the office to pick up more equipment for larger jobs in the commercial or domestic market if needed.

We are fully qualified, trained technicians in water damage, restoration, and structural drying. We hire out mitigation equipment, air movers and dehumidifiers. We provide monitor checks, moisture readings and full reports for insurance claims.

Our secret weapon is our truck mount machine that can remove more water than any other extractor resulting in a much faster drying process.

Can We Do It

Tweed Coast emergency Carpet Cleaning Service – we are happy to help our clients anytime, whether it is one room or a whole house. All you need to do is pick up your phone.


  • Live and operating in the local area since 2007
  • Fully trained technician with up-to-date training ITI interactive training international
  • On time service pre-inspection before and after grading system for quality control
  • Offer competitive pricing to our other competitors
  • We run the most powerful truck mounted steam cleaner on the planet today high end sanitation
  • Carrying on board the latest products and shampoos for dirt soiling stains green solutions and allergy treatments shampoos
  • We can provide our clients with the ultimate protection and fabric protection from carpet rugs upholstery straight after our initial clean
Crikey Cleaner gold Certification Certificate | ITI Interactive Training  International
$50 OFF Pest Control with every carpet clean. | Crikey Cleaner Pro Steam Dry Advert
Anti Allergen Natural Shampoo Carpet Cleaning Tweed Coast
$50 OFF Pest Control with every carpet clean. | Crikey Cleaner Pro Steam Dry Advert


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