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Your local Tweed Coast professional rug cleaning service that can restore your floor coverings to their former glory and help protect you and your family from illness.

Trust the cleaning company that the Tweed Coast calls for all jobs big and small to protect your whole family.

On arrival at your premises, we will inspect your carpets and rugs to determine the most suitable cleaning method based on their current state.

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The four procedures we undertake for a maximum clean include:

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Rugs can be an eco-system for allergens. Protect your family with a professional rug cleaning company.

Crikey Cleaner Casuarina offers a wide variety of rug cleaning methods, all of which are promoted the manufactures. We apply the safest method for each particular rug type.

Our cleaning technicians have undergone thorough training in cleaning techniques for a wide variety of different rug types, from every day floor rugs to antique oriental rugs.

For the majority of carpet and rugs, we recommended rug steam cleaning which is the most effective cleaning method to date.

Although an alternate option which is considered more environmentally friendly is entirely green cleaning, it uses only hot water as it cleaning solution.

This is done with our powerful truck mounted cleaning machine. Hot water is injected into the fibers of your area rug, agitating the dirt and dust mites thus loosening then.

All of this is then sucked through the powerful vacuums. The result is an extremely clean rug with no cleaning residue left behind.

We also offer a drop-off service, leave your rugs at our property and pick it up when clean and dry. The best days to drop your rugs off is Thursday or Friday and pick up Monday or Tuesday.

Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning require extreme precision and skill. Our cleaning process involves a delicate balance of pH solution and should only be done by a true professional.


  • Live and operating in the local area since 2007
  • Fully trained technician with up-to-date training ITI interactive training international
  • On time service pre-inspection before and after grading system for quality control
  • Offer competitive pricing to our other competitors
  • We run the most powerful truck mounted steam cleaner on the planet today high end sanitation
  • Carrying on board the latest products and shampoos for dirt soiling stains green solutions and allergy treatments shampoos
  • We can provide our clients with the ultimate protection for your rugs
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The first process includes the time we spend on the carpet inspecting, pre-vacuuming and providing the right solution to pre-spray your carpet fibres.

Our steam cleaners provide a continuous flushing system for maximum solution and soil removal. This process will clean and restore your carpets and rugs to a high level of satisfaction and ensure the life long quality of your carpet.

Our 360° rotary agitation service provides maximum soil and stain breakdowns. This will determine which stains will naturally be broken down and stains which will need extra chemical attention and action.


Professional steam carpet cleaning provides a continuous flushing system of hot fresh steamy water which will result in the best and most hygienic clean possible. This process will remove more dirty soiling, deeper stains and odours than any other process by cleaning from the base to the tip of the carpet pile restoring it to its optimum level. Carpet drying time 3-5 hours.

Area Rug Super Clean Service | Crikey Cleaner

Fibre Protection Services

Our company provides ultimate fibre protectors and specialises in indoor allergy relief treatments.

Protect your investment by having fibre protectors applied to your carpet, upholstery, rug and mattresses. Fibre protectors provide a protective barrier to your fabrics.

Protecting them with a safe fibre shield will keep them looking good and help to retain their value.

Ultimate fabric protectors take the worry out of spills and stains caused by water, oil or soiling. Whether it is soil tracked in from the front door, a sofa spill or a tipped dinner plate – you can quickly vacuum up the soil or clean up the spill without the fear of permanent damage.

Upholstery Super Clean Service | Crikey Cleaner

Allergy Relief Treatment

Does anyone in your house have allergies, asthma or a chemical sensitivity?

More than 7million Australians suffer from allergy & asthma symptoms. Allergens most commonly found in the home include dust mites, pet dander, mould spores and chemicals in fragrances.

There is a revolutionary new anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called the responsible care system that allows us to reduce levels of pet and dust mite allergens by 90% or more.

The responsible care system uses specialised cleaning agents followed by the application of anti-allergy treatments on carpets, mattresses, upholstery and rugs.

Allergy relief treatment changes the shape of the allergen proteins for up to 6months


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$50 OFF Pest Control with every carpet clean. | Crikey Cleaner Pro Steam Dry Advert


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